Workplace Health & Wellbeing

What is Workplace Health and Wellbeing?

Workplace health and wellbeing affects all aspects of working life and is increasingly a relevant part of a health-conscious society. Workplace health and wellbeing encompasses everything from the quality and safety of the physical environment to how employees feel in the workplace. Personal and professional stress, combined with long working hours and constant multitasking, make it more difficult for employees to find time to look after their general wellbeing. With adults spending around a third of their waking life at work, health and wellbeing programs are a vital part of every organisation.

Statistics from AIA Vitality show that four in five workers in Hong Kong suffer at least one musculoskeletal condition such as neck tightness or low back pain. Additionally, one in two workers report experiencing work-related stress – in fact Hong Kong has one of the highest incidences of work-related stress in the region. Therefore, it makes good business sense to incorporate wellness programs in the workplace which reduce work-related illnesses and injuries. With more employees wanting to stay physically and mentally healthy at work, there is no better time to start implementing health and wellbeing programs in your workplace.

The Benefits

↑ Increased Positive Health Behaviours
↑ Increased Productivity
↑ Increased Staff Retention
↑ Increased Job satisfaction

↓ Decreased Elevated Health Risks
↓ Decreased Health care costs
↓ Decreased Absenteeism

Our Clients Include

What We Offer?

Our clinic has been established for over 18 years, and we specialise in all aspects of physical wellness. We offer programs like office-wide ergonomic initiatives, presentations on women’s health and wellness, and collaborations with leading psychologists on chronic back pain, for examples. PhysioCentral offers flexible and tailored wellbeing programs to address the needs of any workplace.

At PhysioCentral, we create wellbeing programs that cater to individual needs as well as those of the wider organisation. We recognise that each workplace carries different risks depending on, the nature of the profession, demographics of the workforce, and even the physical location of the office. We take care to ensure that our health and wellness programs are aligned with the needs of each workplace, with programs designed to benefit both the workplace and its employees.

Contact us and we can help you grow a healthier and happier workplace.

Examples of Wellbeing Programs