Running Assessments and Gait Analysis

Combining physiotherapy and podiatry experience and expertise we offer running assessments, gait analysis and footwear advice. Using the latest video technology on iPads and a big screen, we can assess gait abnormalities and correct running technique. We can then design exercise regimens to improve movement and strength. Should you need orthotics to correct foot mechanics then our in-house podiatrist can digitally scan your feet and make custom orthotics or recommend our off the shelf products.

Some common abnormalities seen in running assessments are:

  • Poor Pelvic Control
  • Poor Foot Mechanics
  • Weak Gluteal Muscles
  • Muscle Tightness
  • Over Striding
  • Poor Core Control
  • Incorrect and Inefficient Techniques

Pre- and Post-natal Assessments

Are you preparing for childbirth? If so you want to make sure everything is taken care of. This includes your health. At PhysioCentral our qualified women’s health physiotherapist can assess you before and after childbirth and give you exercise programs to keep you in, and get you back in, the best possible shape. Being prepared can prevent things such as back and neck pain, it can keep you fit and active well into your pregnancy, and it can help make childbirth easier as you are stronger in your core and pelvic muscles. This also helps you recover faster after birth. We can assess post-natal conditions such as rectus diastasis (stomach muscle gap) with real-time ultrasound and design a program suitable for different levels of recovery.

Workstation (Ergonomic) Assessments

We offer two types of workstation assessments that can be done in-person or virtually:

  1. Simple – Assessment of the employee’s workstation and posture, recommendations are made on the spot. Takes around 10 minutes.

  2. Detail – Includes simple assessment plus a subjective assessment, observation of daily tasks, risk factors identification, and a written report. The report includes recommendations for workstation setup with illustrations and posture guidance (how long to sit and stand for), any restrictions, and exercises. Useful for workers returning to work from injury. Takes around 30 minutes.

You can also see our Workplace Health and Wellbeing page for more info.

Ballet Pre-Pointe Assessments

Is your child going en-pointe in ballet? We provide pre-pointe assessments to ensure your child transitions to this significant stage of ballet smoothly and safely. Our pre-pointe assessments are performed by our physiotherapists who work with the Hong Kong Ballet.

The assessment helps to determine the suitability of a ballet dancer going en-pointe. It is when your body weight goes onto the tips of your toe whilst plantarflexed. Going en-pointe too early can increase the risk of injury and in young dancers, affect their growth and development, therefore it is important to get assessed prior. The assessment is designed to ensure that the biomechanical factors that can lead to injury are negated and that young dancers are able to handle the physical demands of pointe technique.
We provide practical and comprehensive feedback for dancers, parents, dance teachers and artistic directors. PhysioCentral is the physiotherapy provider of Hong Kong Ballet since 2018.

Golf Assessments

At PhysioCentral we can assess and correct your golf posture and swing patterns. We are not here to teach you how to play golf but to allow you to perform at your best. We can see from your setup stance and your swing where you are tight and where you are weak. This allows us to suggest stretches, strength and core stability work to aid mobility and give you power and distance in your shots.

Bike Fitting Assessments

At PhysioCentral we are able to organise professional bike fittings and get your riding patterns assessed. We can suggest stretches and strengthening and also advise on recovery.

Get Fit For Ski Assessments

Every year we see several clients who have had their ski holidays cut short by preventable injuries. Of course, some injuries are accidents and there is nothing that can be done. However, if you are strong, stable and flexible then you are better prepared for warding off preventable injuries. We can assess you for weaknesses and instabilities and design a program of exercises and stretches to get you fit and ready for the ski slopes.

Footwear Assessments

At PhysioCentral we can check your footwear during a running assessment and give you the all-clear or suggest something that may suit your foot type better. Different sports require different shoe types and we can also help you with deciding what shoes you need for what sport. We can also check children’s feet for the correct school shoes and the best shoes for those growing feet.