Kenny Tang

Physiotherapist / Wellbeing Specialist

BSc. Physiotherapy (Curtin University, AUS)
MSc. Workplace Health & Wellbeing (University of Nottingham, UK)
DMA Clinical Pilates Instructor (AUS)


Kenny is an Australian-trained physiotherapist who graduated in 2008 from Curtin University, Western Australia. He also holds a master’s degree in workplace health and wellbeing from the University of Nottingham in the UK. Born in Hong Kong and growing up in Perth, Kenny is fluent in both Cantonese and English.

Kenny’s past experience includes serving as the lead physiotherapist for the national age grades for the HK Rugby Union. He has also worked at international events such as the International Soccer Sevens and HK Rugby Sevens. Kenny was the physiotherapist for HK Cricket Club, HK Football Club, and HK Scottish premier rugby and football teams.

Tailoring his treatment approach to the needs of his clients, Kenny combines his experience addressing sports injuries with a variety of methods including myofascial release, movement analysis, and Clinical Pilates, to name a few. He believes physical pain and tightness are akin to an alarm system for the body and a holistic approach to treatment ensures a well-rounded healthy recovery.

In addition to his work in the clinic, Kenny also has an interest in the management of work-related health and wellbeing. He designs and implements corporate health and wellbeing programs. Kenny has worked closely with the Hong Kong Ballet dancers and completed his master’s thesis exploring the psychosocial work conditions that contribute to work-related stress. Workers are spending an increasing amount of time and becoming more health-conscious in the workplace. Kenny is passionate about collaborating with organisations to create wellbeing programs that promote positive health-related behaviours for individuals and create a healthier workplace.

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Fact sheet on Wellbeing at Work from CIPD (UK).

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Kenny is on sabbatical leave until 1 June 2024. He has decided to take some time off work to travel and explore the world!.

Willy Ng will be taking care of Kenny’s clients during this time. For queries related to corporate wellbeing, please email

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