Sandar Kyi

Pilates Instructor

Polestar Pilates Practitioner (HK)


Sandar is an aerial fitness addict, mainly practicing Pilates for conditioning and injury prevention for her aerial activities.  She became so fascinated in how Pilates can prehab and rehab, she became a certified mat Pilates instructor in the UK, and taught pre/post natal Pilates-based fitness classes as well as mat Pilates classes/workshops/privates. In Hong Kong, she became a qualified studio Pilates instructor and has been teaching mat and reformer group classes and private sessions using all studio equipment. Having worked with kids and vulnerable people in the past, she knows it is challenging, but also truly rewarding. She loves helping people, no matter what age, to achieve their fitness goals and wants everyone to move better with Pilates.

Pilates is for life not just for rehab!

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