Joel Bell


BHSc. Podiatry (AUT University, NZ)
GCert Health Science (AUT University, NZ)
Certified Personal Trainer (New Zealand College of Fitness, NZ)
Registered with the Podiatry Board of New Zealand, Member of Podiatry NZ


Joel is a New Zealand trained podiatrist who graduated in 2014 from AUT University, Auckland. He was inspired to become a podiatrist after having custom foot orthotics made which immediately helped with his running and basketball injuries.

Before living in Hong Kong, Joel spent eight years working at one of New Zealand’s leading sports podiatry clinics where he specialised in treating chronic and acute injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. His experience includes working with professional and elite level athletes such as rugby, netball, running, tennis, and golf.

Joel uses the latest software to analyse the biomechanics of walking, running and sports specific movements to work out why particular muscles, tendons or ligaments are being injured and most importantly, how to change the forces going through the injured tissue to allow healing and prevention of future injuries. He has a particular interest in treating shin splints, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures in the foot, achilles tendonitis, osteoarthritis and knee pain.

Joel uses a combination of custom foot orthotics, footwear prescription, exercise rehabilitation, training load management, strapping, and joint mobilisation with the aim of reducing your pain quickly and getting you “back on your feet” as soon as possible.

Joel is a running shoe “nerd” and has been involved with the technical footwear industry for 12 years. He tests new running shoes that hits the market and keeps up with the latest technology developments.

Joel uses 3D scanning of the foot and ankle to make custom foot orthotics and custom ankle braces (Ankle Foot Orthoses) made by Australian labs.

Aside from treating musculoskeletal foot-related injuries, Joel is also skilled at treating skin and nail issues in the foot and is especially interested in minor surgery to treat ingrown toenails, chronic fungal nail infections, and persistent verruca (plantar warts). Joel has also worked in New Zealand’s public hospital system and is experienced in the assessment and management of foot conditions related to type 2 diabetes.

Outside of podiatry, Joel is still a keen basketball player and keeps fit by running (slowly), hiking, and enjoys weight lifting at the gym.

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