Grace Law

Physiotherapist / Accredited Acupuncture Practitioner

BSc. Kinesiology (CAN)
M. Physiotherapy (PolyU, HK)
M. Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy (candidate; ACU, AUS)
Accredited Acupuncture Practitioner (HK)


Originally from Canada, Grace grew up in Singapore and has been living in Hong Kong since 2012. She is fluent in English and Cantonese. Grace has an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics with degrees in physiotherapy (Hong Kong) and kinesiology (Canada), she is currently completing her post-graduate studies in Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy from Australia.

Working in the public hospital in Hong Kong has allowed Grace to gain extensive experience in handling a variety of conditions including work-related musculoskeletal disorders, post-operative rehabilitation, and sports injuries. Her approach to treatment includes education, strength and conditioning, clinical Pilates, and acupuncture. She believes that every relationship with a client is a unique partnership, thus the treatment plan has to be tailored toward clients’ goals.

Grace has a keen interest in sports injuries, having spent 10 years as a competitive field hockey player. She particularly enjoys the challenge of getting an athlete out of pain as soon as possible while also maximizing their performance. Grace has provided coverage at events such as the Standard Chartered Marathon and the Hong Kong women’s rugby league.

Additionally, Grace has been involved in numerous wellbeing programs looking at improving office ergonomics and with her knowledge in kinesiology has also conducted seminars and assessments on movement mechanics to promote health and safety in the workplace. Grace was listed as a Women of Wellness 2022 in Liv Magazine (HK). She strongly believes that the key to staying healthy and pain-free is through education and empowerment.

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