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We have a range of items in stock. If you can not see the item you are looking for then please call us as we can often find what you need and get it to you quickly.

  • Aircast Ankle Braces

    Aircast Ankle Braces

    Great for that acute sprained ankle. We can fit you for the correct size.
  • Ankle Braces

    Ankle Braces

    These braces use laces and straps to secure the ankle for repetitive ankle sprains. We stock several sizes.
  • Anti-Flamme Bruise Cream

    Anti-Flamme Bruise Cream

    Imported from New Zealand this product contains arnica and peppermint and is great for rubbing on bruises.
  • Back Supports

    Back Supports

    Our back supports are great for added support during the acute or early phases of lower back pain. We have several sizes and can recommend the best fit.
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs

    Blood Pressure Cuffs

    Blood pressure cuffs can be used for your specific Pilates exercise homework or to measure your squeeze test results.
  • Flexible Strapping Tape

    Flexible Strapping Tape

    EAB tape is used when you need to wrap something that is an unusual shape and give it support. It is also a great wrap to help keep rigid strapping tape in place.
  • Foam Rollers

    Foam Roller

    We have a variety of shapes and colours of foam roller. We can recommend the best one for you and also show you a few exercises for how they should be used.
  • Heal Raises, Wedges and Additions

    Heal Raises, Wedges & Additions

    These are extras for our off the shelf orthotics and can be added to help correct your existing orthotics. We can help you decide what you need.
  • Knee Braces

    Knee Braces

    We have a variety of knee braces and can order more if we don’t have what you need. Knee braces can be quite specific so depending on your injury and what you need the brace for we can help you decide the correct one
  • KT Tape

    KT Tape

    Kinesiology tape. For use during those final stages of recovery and for muscle movement pattern help.
  • Massage Cream

    Massage Cream

    An excellent massage cream containing arnica, so has the added effect of helping settle inflammation and bruises.
  • Off the Shelf Orthotics

    Off the Shelf Orthotics

    We stock 5 degree hybrid orthotics. These are premium off the shelf orthotics. We can assess your feet and make sure they are correct for you. We can also recommend other brands or custom orthotics should you require them.
  • Peanut Rollers

    Peanut Rollers

    The peanut roller is an excellent alternative to the traditional foam roller. It is great for rolling muscles and avoiding the vascular and neural structures. Ask us for more details on how to use it.
  • Posture Splints

    Posture Splints

    Posture splints are for use when you need help staying more upright when recovering from an injury or because you have poor posture.
  • Reusable Ice Packs

    Reusable Ice Packs

    These reusable ice packs can be made hot or cold. They can be heated in the microwave and placed in the freezer to cool them.
  • Rigid Strapping Tape

    Rigid Strapping Tape

    Rigid tape is used to support joints when returning to sport or for protection during sport. We have three different widths 2.5cm, 3.8cm and 5cm.
  • Serola Sl Joint Belts

    Serola Sl Joint Belts

    Serola belts are perfect for SI joint pain that occurs with instability around the pelvis or during pregnancy. We can fit your size and show you how to use them.
  • Shoulder Rehab Pulley System

    Shoulder Rehab Pulley System

    This pulley system from theraband can help to strengthen the muscles around your shoulders and is perfect for home use or when you travel.
  • Spikey Balls

    Spikey Balls

    Spikey balls are excellent for a number of different things from trigger point release to self massage. We can show you how to use them should you need it.
  • Strap On Ice Packs

    Strap On Ice Packs

    Strap on ice packs make icing very convenient. Just add ice cubes to the rubber bag and strap it onto the part that needs icing. You are then free to move around while you ice.
  • Strassburg Socks

    Strassburg Socks

    Strassburg socks are used for treatment of heel pain and plantar fasciitis. We stock a variety of sizes and can help you to fit them correctly.
  • Stretch Bands

    Stretch Bands

    Stretch bands are used to help with stretching and exercises. There are a number of ways to use them. We can help to show you exercises and can get you information on how to add them to your exercise program.
  • Tennis Elbow Band

    Tennis Elbow Band

    There are many types of tennis elbow bands. Different people respond better to different types. Also the way you wear them depends on which way you need to strap them on. Ask us for help with which type would suit you best.
  • Tens Machines

    TENS Machines

    TENS machines are used for muscle stimulation, muscle retraining and also for temporary pain relief.
  • Theraband and Theratubing

    Theraband and Theratubing

    These are used to do your exercises at home. They come in varying thicknesses and strengths. The different colours show you the different strengths.
  • Thumb Splint

    Thumb Splint

    We stock several different thumb splints. Let us know what you problem is and we can supply the correct splint for you.