12 Week Low FODMAP Diet – 13,200HKD

Are you suffering from lethargy, bloating, flatulence, and bouts of constipation and/or diarrhoea? You may be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I can help you resolve these issues so that you feel energised and confident about the food that makes your gut happy.

One – Low FODMAP Diet

Weeks 1-4 is the ELIMINATION phase. Most people find that symptoms reduce within 2-4 weeks.

Two – FODMAP Reintroduction

Weeks 5-9 is the REINTRODUCTION phase. During this time I will slowly reintroduce foods from each FODMAP group and monitor tolerance.

Three – FODMAP Personalisation

Weeks 10-12 is the PERSONALISATION phase. During these weeks we expand the variety of foods in your diet and establish a unique and personal long-term eating plan.

What is included in the 12 week Low FODMAP Diet?

  1. A free Low FODMAP Diet workbook to guide you through each stage
  2. Education on FODMAP subgroups
  3. Low FODMAP shopping tips and how to read food labels
  4. Tips on cooking techniques that lower the FODMAP content of food
  5. Tips on how to modify recipes to lower the FODMAP content
  6. Weekly meal plan example
  7. Recipe ideas
  8. Tips for eating out on a low FODMAP diet
  9. Tips on eating a low FODMAP diet when travelling
  10. Sport food alternatives for athletes
  11. The importance of fibre and low FODMAP examples
  12. Adjunct therapy ideas for IBS relief

healthy pancakes

healthy jar

10 Week Health Transformation – 11,250HKD

During the 10 Week Health Transformation Package you will receive the following services:

  1. 60 minute initial consultation
  2. 9 weekly 30 minute consultations
  3. Personal meal planning tips to meet your health goals and lifestyle demands
  4. 2 x weekly meal feedback messages
  5. 1 x weekly support call

Some of the health changes you may experience during the 10 Week Health Transformation Package are:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Better digestion
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Improved health markers such as lower cholesterol or lower blood pressure
  • Better quality sleep
  • An improved relationship with food

Individual Consultations – 1250HKD

Are you fed up with dieting and never getting anywhere? Are you confused about information you read on the internet and social media? Do you have 100 questions about food, eating, body composition, what to eat, how to cook etc etc etc?

I would be happy to help dispel nutrition myths and help you gain a better insight on nutrition from an evidence-based perspective.

individual consultation

Sports Nutrition (Price tailored to individual needs)

Sports Nutrition

The Elite Athlete

Elite athlete nutrition support to improve performance includes individual sports people, team sports and clubs.

Specialist support I provide includes:

  • Body composition assessment
  • Gains in lean muscle
  • Reducing fat mass
  • Seasonal periodisation of macronutrients
  • Training the gut for optimal performance
  • Race strategy
  • Hydration strategy
  • Supplement advice

The Age-Grouper

The age-grouper is one of the toughest categories of athlete. You have to balance family life and work alongside tough training sessions. Getting your nutrition strategy right so you have the energy to function optimally at home and at the office as well as fuel training is extremely important.

Specialist support I provide includes:

  • Nutrition for everyday health and wellbeing
  • Body composition assessment
  • Energy availability for training
  • Recovery strategy
  • Nutrition for sleep
  • Race strategy

The Junior Athlete Package

Providing sound nutrition support for junior athletes is a key element of their journey to become successful sports performers.

Specialist support I provide includes:

  • How to eat a healthy balanced diet
  • Eating for school and training
  • Pre-training/competition snacks
  • What to eat during training and competition
  • Post-training/competition recovery snacks
  • Eating for a better nights sleep