Eleanor (Ellie) Ngan Kee

Eleanor (Ellie) Ngan Kee


B. Physiotherapy (Uni of Sydney, AUS)

Ellie completed her physiotherapy degree in 2019. She was awarded the prestigious Sydney Scholars Award which recognizes academic excellence for undergraduate students studying at the University of Sydney. Ellie has previously worked in Australia focusing on performance sports athletes.

Ellie is a strong believer in active recovery which has been associated to promote wellbeing. She uses a combination of manual therapy and functional rehabilitation to assist clients to achieve their goals and getting back to doing what they love.

Having represented Hong Kong in rugby such as the Asian Youth Games, Ellie understands the physical and mental demands encountered by athletes. She uses her knowledge and experience of injury management of athletes to all ages and levels of sport.

Outside of PhysioCentral, Ellie works with Hong Kong Ballet as the principal physiotherapist looking after the health and wellbeing of 45 professional ballet dancers.